Ride Along Lyrics by Amber Lynn Nicol

Amber Lynn Nicol Lyrics

Ride Along Lyrics
Some things
You can't change
You're gonna have regrets
Now who's judging who
and whatcha gonna do about it

And fears
They're gonna chase you down
You're gonna hurt inside
Ya gotta be tough
Just tough enough, just tough enough to get by

Train keeps rolling
down the line
I really
Hate to ride it alone
So if you
feel ok
with me by your side
Ride Along

Let's head west
Where there's space
We could grow our own food
We could find our place
make a family
cuz nothin else is real
no nothin else is real

And when your world comes tumbling down
I'll be your friend
I got your hand
In it to the end honey


Ride along
By my side
I'll take care of you
Comfort you
Tell you everything's alright
Take my hand
I'll be your lover
I'll be your friend


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