Love Song On the Radio Lyrics by Amber Lynn Nicol

Amber Lynn Nicol Lyrics

Love Song On the Radio Lyrics
Written by, Jeremy Thomas

I know that you’re leaving
I hope you’re not gone
The thought of living without you babe it
Chills me to the bones

Still I wonder darlin as you’re drive off to work
Does that song come on the radio
And hit you where it hurts

Baby who are you thinkin about
When you hear that love song playing on your radio
Who are you dreaming about
Is it me
Baby is it me

All my friends are telling me
Ya gotta let him go
If it’s really meant to be
Both of you will know

They don’t have to listen to that song about you and me
The one we used to dance to
It brings me to my knees


I know I was wrong
I’ll take all the blame
If you’ll come back to me

And I’ll be holding on
to every word
Of our love song

If I wrote the song that you are listening to right now
These are the words that I will get to you somehow

Baby it’s you that I’m thinking about
When I hear that love song playing on my radio
It’s you that I’m dreaming about
It’s you
Baby it’s you

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