Broader Horizons Lyrics by Amber Lynn Nicol

Amber Lynn Nicol Lyrics

Broader Horizons Lyrics
There was a time
There was a day
There was feeling everything was gonna be ok

There is a sadness
Deep inside me
Hidden away beneath my skin so that you don’t see

Just because ya got a dream don't mean
You're gonna make it come true
Now matter how hard you try
No matter what they all tell you I need

Broader horizons
Room to make big plans
Time to smell the flowers
Time to till the land
Closer to the water
Lots of space to roam
Farther from this city
The city aint my home

There is a place
I gotta find
There is a life for me out there I’m gonna make it mine
Maybe Montana
Or Tennessee
Maybe Ohio holds a special place for me

Just because ya got the will don't mean
You're gonna get what you want
Now matter how hard you tried
No matter how tough you fought - gimme


It’s never gonna be
I don’t wanna live like this
I swear it’s killin me
Oh no ...
I gotta get away
I gotta leave this town
On my way I’m highway bound


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