Autumn Lyrics by Amber Lynn Nicol

Amber Lynn Nicol Lyrics

Autumn Lyrics
Just wanted a share of life but I think I took too much
Never stopped to realize and now I’m slowly losing touch
I’ve seen the ups and downs
I know where paths will lead
But I never seem to know quite what I need

Just wanted to spread my wings but I think I flew too far
Caught a glimpse of that ariel view found a place in my own heart
I didn’t take the time to see how the world around me’s changed
How the people struggle to make themselves a name

Autumn you know what to do now
Let those old leaves fall
Autumn start a new beginning
Don’t ya hear that winter call
Ya know I hate to see your world so barren
Can't help that I can’t stop caring
I can see how thin your soul's been wearing
Aren’t you ready for a change

So they say that good things come to hard working people who wait
B there’s very little time ya know before it all becomes too late
So we stick to what is stable
and what makes us feel secure
Instead of going out and looking for something more


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