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The Almost Lyrics

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From the Album Fear Inside Our Bones (2013) (buy at

Fear Inside Our Bones
I'm Down
Come On
The Florida Sun
Fight Song
Lonely Boy

From the Album Monster Monster (2009) (buy at

Monster, Monster
Lonely Wheel
No I Don't
Young Again
Summer, Summer
Hand Grenade
Books & Books
Souls On Ten
Want To
Get Through

From the Album No Gift To Bring (2008) (buy at

Awful Direction
Little Drummer Boy
Amazing Because It Is (Full Version)
Your Love Is Extravagant
Dirty And Left Out (Mctague-lectro Version)

From the Album Southern Weather (2007) (buy at

Say This Sooner
Drive There Now!
Dirty And Left Out
I Mostly Copy Other People
Southern Weather
Stop It!
Amazing Because It Is
Everyone Here Smells Like A Rat
Never Say I Told You So
Call Me Back When I'm Honest
Everything That Makes Me Sick
Hold On (iTunes Bonus Track)

Other Songs:
Birmingham (from "Monster" EP)
Free Fallin' (from "Punk Goes Classic Rock" Compilation)
I Won't Let Go
July (from "Monster" EP)

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