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From the Album Victim of the New Disease (2019) (buy at
Victim of the New Disease
Fuck Love
Everything's Wrong
Blood I Spill
Alone In The Darkness
Misery In Me
Just Tell Me Something
I Meant What I Said
Victim Of The New Disease

From the Album Madness (2017) (buy at
Safe House
Nothing I Can Do
If I'm Honest
Open Grave
Far From Home
Trust And Believe
Back To You
Never Sorry
The Thunder Rolls

From the Album The Order Of Things (2015) (buy at
The Order Of Things

From the Album Overcome (2008) (buy at

From the Album The Fall Of Ideals (2006) (buy at

From the Album This Darkened Heart (2004) (buy at

From the Album Behind Silence And Solitude (2002) (buy at

All That Remains Info:

All That Remains is an American metal band from Springfield, Massachusetts formed in 2000. Phil Labonte was originally the vocalist for Shadows Fall but after being asked to leave because of "musical differences", Phil focused entirely on All That Remains, a side project he had been working on prior to leaving. -Wikipedia

Springfield, Massachusetts, United States

Melodic death metal (early)
Melodic metalcore, heavy metal, metalcore (later)

Years active:

Associated acts:
Shadows Fall
Killswitch Engage
The Acacia Strain

Philip Labonte – lead vocals
(1998–present), piano (2003–2004)

Oli Herbert – lead guitar

Mike Martin – rhythm guitar

Jason Costa – drums

Aaron Patrick – bass guitar, backing vocals

Past Members:
Dan Egan – bass guitar

Chris Bartlett – rhythm guitar

Michael Bartlett – drums

Matt Deis – bass guitar

Paul Gray - bass guitar
(2004-2006; died in 2010)

Shannon Lucas – drums

Jeanne Sagan – bass guitar, backing vocals

All That Remains Quotes:
I actually wrote more than half the disc, when it comes to riffs. The only song I didn't write an actual riff in is One Belief. But we all had input on the songs. It's like I would bring in most of the raw material and then we would put it together as a band.
-Philip Labonte

You have to love what you do. You probably won't have healthcare. You certainly won't make any money to save for a few years. You may have to quit your job like I will have to and then work crappy jobs when you are home. But it's the price you have to pay if you want to make this a real full time gig. In April we were gone for a full month and came home totally broke cause our van broke down four or five times. It cost us about $4000 to fix while on tour. We haven't established ourselves yet so we aren't getting paid a shit load of money for shows. That tour ended up breaking just about even. None of us got paid at all. So we were gone from our jobs for a month and had nothing to show for it. But hey, that is how it goes sometimes. 
-Philip Labonte

We are a modern metal band, is really the best way to say it, you know. Because we've got solos, we've got harmonies, we've got some of the kind of breakdown-y. But, I mean, if you look at us as a metalcore band and then you look at, say, you know, Hatebreed as a metalcore band, which a lot of people say Hatebreed is a metalcore band because they've got some sort of metal-y riffs. But it's like we sound nothing alike
-Philip Labonte

Yeah, we're not Christian and we're not metalcore, so tell the people on the message board to stop calling us that.
-Mike Martin

We’ve always wanted to have a lot of different kind of metal songs whether it was a ballad, fast song, or death metal song. We’ve always been capable of doing every kind of song. We’ve always just done it no matter what the repercussions were because you know you are always going to get backlash. If you are going to write a record that is really heavy, and on the next record you have a ballad, people are going to get pissed. We never really look too much into it, we just wanted to do it, and so we pretty much did it
-Mike Martin

I fell in love with the whole glam world. And then like death metal too, Cannibal’s very wide range of what people like, you know, Justin Timberlake...all that stuff.
-Philip Labonte

It's well documented that we like cheesy pop music. There's pictures of me wearing Fall Out Boy shirts! I listen to Prince, and everyone knows that Mike and I love Nickelback, and everyone is always listening to Dr. Dre, or Snoop Dogg, or Eminem, or Jay-Z, or just pop music! That song Fergilicious is the new "hit" for All That Remains, it's the song we want to hear. Just a lot of garbage pop. It's kind of a joke because it's the stuff we like, and it's the stuff we want to hear, but we play it for everybody. So, it probably does come through, and it's something that we're aware of, and we're cool with it.

If we can make songs that make sense as metal songs, and All That Remains songs, so why not let your influences come into it, just so long as it doesn't get hokey, or it doesn't hurt the song. You don't want to make a song "do something," you kind of want to let it go its own way. If it fits and works, then it fits and works, and if it doesn't work, you can't make it work or force it to work. We just go with what we think sounds good, and what feels right to us.
-Philip Labonte

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