Alexandra Burke Lyrics

Alexandra Burke Lyrics

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From the Album Heartbreak On Hold (2012) (buy at

Heartbreak On Hold
Let It Go
This Love Will Survive
Between The Sheets
Daylight Robbery
Love You That Much
Oh La La
Sitting On Top Of The World
What Money Can't Buy

From the Album Overcome (2009) (buy at

Bad Boys
Good Night Good Morning
The Silence
All Night Long
Bury Me (6 Feet Under)
Broken Heels
Gotta Go
You Broke My Heart
Nothing But The Girl
They Don't Know
Hallelujah (UK Bonus Track)
It's Over (iTunes UK Bonus Track)
All Night Long (feat. Pitbull] [Japanese Bonus Track)
Dangerous (Japanese Bonus Track)
Start Without You (From Repackaged Edition)
Perfect (From Deluxe Edition)
What Happens On The Dancefloor (From Deluxe Edition)
Before The Rain (From Deluxe Edition)

Other Songs:
Before It Explodes
Light Of The Dreamer
You Are So Beautiful

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