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From the Album Le Voyage Dans La Lune (2012) (buy at

Seven Stars
Who Am I Now?
Cosmic Trip

From the Album Love 2 (2009) (buy at

Do The Joy
So Light Is Her Footfall
Be A Bee
Missing The Light Of The Day
Tropical Disease
Heaven's Light
Night Hunter
Sing Sang Sung
Eat My Beat
You Can Tell It To Everybody
African Velvet

From the Album Pocket Symphony (2007) (buy at

Space Maker
Once Upon A Time
One Hell Of A Party
Napalm Love
Mayfair Song
Left Bank
Mer Du Japon
Lost Message
Somewhere Between Waking And Sleeping
Redhead Girl
Night Sight

From the Album Talkie Walkie (2004) (buy at

Cherry Blossom Girl
Universal Traveler
Mike Mills
Surfing On A Rocket
Another Day
Alpha Beta Gaga
Alone In Kyoto

From the Album 10000 Hz. Legend (2001) (buy at

Electronic Performers
How Does It Make You Feel
Radio #1
The Vagabond
Lucky & Unhappy
Sex Born Poison
People In The City
Wonder Milky Bitch
Don't Be Light
Caramel Prisoner
The Way You Look Tonight

From the Album The Virgin Suicides (2000) (buy at

Playground Love
Clouds Up
Bathroom Girl
Cemetery Party
Dark Messages
The Word 'Hurricane'
Dirty Trip
Highschool Lover
Afternoon Sister
Ghost Song
Empty House
Dead Bodies
Suicides Underground

From the Album Premiers Symptomes (1999) (buy at

Modular Mix
Casanova 70
Les Professionnels
J'ai Dormi Sous L'Eau
Le Soleil Est Près De Moi
Gordini Mix (Brakes On Mix)

From the Album Moon Safari (1998) (buy at

La Femme D'Argent
Sexy Boy
All I Need
Kelly Watch The Stars
You Make It Easy
Ce Matin Là
New Star In The Sky
Le Voyage De Penelope

Other Songs:
How Does It Make You Feel?
Lucky And Unhappy
Somewhere Between Waking And Sleeping

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