Wandering Soul Lyrics by Agressor

Agressor Lyrics

Wandering Soul Lyrics
[Music & Lyrics : Alex COLIN-TOCQUAINE]

My heart bleeds

Pain engulf my soul

I feel despair

Loneliness tear me

I'm a damned soul

Condemned to suffer

So dark so sweet

Are my thoughts

Would you embrace death and follow me till the end

With this thorn in my cold stoned heart and my shattered hopes

My heart 's still bleeding aahhh ! !

Now bless my soul

Lost in the shadows

Forever shattered

My heart's been torn and i wander around


[Guitars / Vox: Alex COLIN-TOCQUAINE]

[Lead Guitars : James MURPHY]

[Bass: Joël GUIGOU]

[Drums : Morten NIELSEN]
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