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Agressor Lyrics

The Sorcerer Lyrics
[Music & Lyrics : Alex COLIN-TOCQUAINE]

Tonight as the full moon rise

Trees are speaking. Weird!

Magnetic stones charge the air

As we enter the domain of

The sorcerer

Mother nature gave us the power

To read in her vein and live with less pain

Who's gonna read this tongue

Who's gonna spread this tongue

Make one with universe

To charm, to curse

A legacy from ancient time

Rituals spread by word

Incantations, esoteric rites

Condemned by church

[Lead : James Murphy]

The sorcerer

Spider webs, dusty bottles

Antique book inside the circle

Venomous snakes float in the bottle

Batwings concoction boil

Toad eyes powder for magic filters

Praise under the moon

Witchcraft eternal praise

Break the oath go to blaze

Lord of shades dance on your grave

Sin fear of god

Witchery eternal quest

Evil or secret of life

Wisdom flame of knowledge

Shadows he knows

The sorcerer



[Guitars / Vox: Alex COLIN-TOCQUAINE]

[Lead Guitars : James MURPHY]

[Bass: Joël GUIGOU]

[Drums : Morten NIELSEN]
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