Frustrate Lyrics by Aggro-Fate

Aggro-Fate Lyrics

Frustrate Lyrics
(chorus)Why cant you
Just leave me alone
im better off
on my own
I put up with this sickness almost (Everyday)
Sometimes i sit and wonder why you (Act this way)
Constantly it seems like the (Same Old Shit)
Playing Childish Games your so (Pathetic)
Nothing Else to do but to (f*ck wit me)
Why cant you leave me alone why cant you (let me be)
Always tryin to tell me (what to do)
heres a middle finger and a (f*ck you too)
You used to control me but that was (way back then)
I used to believe all your lies but (never again)
You said that you would change but your still the same
You said my life would be better but theres still the pain
It wont happen again i mean it not no more
Take a look at yourself who the f*ck do you think you are
Visions in my head filled with (Memories)
Filled up wit Pain and (Misery)
Just leave me alone x 4
You said you would change but your still the same
why am i the one whose always feeling pain x4

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