Against All Authority Lyrics

Against All Authority Lyrics

From the Album The Restoration Of Chaos And Order (2006) (buy at

The Restoration Of Chaos And Order
Sweet Televised Destruction
All Ages Show Tonight
Collecting Scars
Radio Waves
Silence Is Golden But Duct Tape Is Silver
Shut It Down
Sunshine Fist Magnet
I Just Wanna Start A Circle Pit
War Machine Breakdown
Grinding My Life Away
The Production Of Self Destruction
Buried Alive
Best Enemy

From the Album Against All Authority/Common Rider [Split] (2005) (buy at
Against All Authority/Common Rider [Split]
Lied To
War Machine Breakdown
World Dominator

From the Album Nothing New For Trash Like You (2001) (buy at

Just An Obstruction
That Way
In On Your Joke
Livin' In Miami
When It Comes Down to You
Nothing To Lose
Haymarket Square
Sacco And Vanzetti
Hard As F*ck
Above The Law
We Won't Submit
Court 22
Under Your Authority
Ska Sucks

From the Album 24 Hour Roadside Resistance (2000) (buy at

24 Hour Roadside Resistance
Dinkas When I Close My Eyes
Pestilent Existence
Committing The Truth
Nothing To Lose
I Think You Think Too Much
The Next Song
Ugly Desires
Killing The Truth
I'm Weak Inside
Stuck In a Rut
The Excuse
The Source of Strontium 90

From the Album AAA/Criminals [Split] (1999) (buy at
AAA/Criminals [Split]
The Bottle's Lookin' Better
I Want To Stab You With Something Rusty
Wet Foot Policy

From the Album All Fall Down (1998) (buy at

All Fall Down
12:00 A.M.
Keep Trying
At Our Expense
Stand In Line
We Don't Need You
The Mayhem and the Pain
Louder than Words
What the F*ck'd You Expect?
Daddy's Little Girl
SK8 Rock
Watered Down and Passive
When the Rain Begins to Fall

From the Album Destroy What Destroys You (1996) (buy at

Life Style of Rebellion
No Reason
Destroy What Destroys You
Another F*ck You Song
30 Second Song
Kickin The Dog
Sounds Of The Underground
Walking Revolution
Chelsea Baby
The Corporate Takeover
Hard As F*ck
We Won't Submit
Above The Law
Under Your Authority
Court 22

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