Life For A Pimp Lyrics by Afroman

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Life For A Pimp Lyrics
Live is a bicth no meaning for this pimp.
Always thinking who is going to be your next bicth.
Is eazy for me to say that the next bicth is
your mommy or maybe your daddy
I don't give a f*ck because i still keep the 2 heads up high for those
bitches to cry for tonight,
But I'm still talking shit no matter what you say your some other
bicht tlking shit it don't give a f*ck I still keep this lower head up
for you to suck on, still having shit to say will f*ck you I'll do you
like bicht today. You think your America most wanted, but thats just
on your games and mind but your just some bicth wanted for giving
head and living blisters on our dicks, and know i have to say
more cause you made my dick sore it hurts you laugh but
will you laugh when I stick my thumb up your ass turn it reverse it
either way i'm gong to expose it.
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