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The Eleven-headed Lyrics
Look up to the sun, my friend
And tell me, what have you seen?
I've been sleeping all day

Tell me, what is your name?
I don't care but I'll ask you anyway
Despite what you may think you're still the same

Explored, but not explained
Yet it's brought to light with careful laughter
Can you feel it and can you hear it?

So come on, where you from, my friend?
I don't know but I will follow
Until that moon is in full light

We start to slip
And our mind begins
To flip and seize the Sun
Blow that horn
Drive 'till morn
Beat to bliss

Until you sip the tea that's gone
Before the Hassel man hits song
Eleven heads we see here everyday

Got to keep on moving yeah

Got to keep that tea bag rolling now

So far
You know that there's no turning back

Get Down
Got to get down, got to get down

So head up to the sun, my friend
I know one day that I will follow
To feel that fusion in the sky

Then one day me might meet
To hit upon one more beat
And share the midnight moo-shi just once more

Share the dharma, play a lick
Surrender up and then go sick

Now the dots and bars will show
Sicker suppers we have known

Smilers will make us forget
Persuasions that we once had left

William burroughs must have hid
A funky junky dying bid

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