Goodness Only Knows Lyrics by Addison Groove Project

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Goodness Only Knows Lyrics
La Di Da
Goodness only knows
This future would be smiling (There’ll be no more children dying)
Once the goodness shows

La Di Da
Goodness here to stay
Once the music, the music
Music starts to play

I've got your picture in my brain
The real thing or a facsimile obtained
You’re the best friend that I have today
So for the children’s sake remain

Why must I live this way
Up and down and day to day
And when I swear I’ll stop it all
The same old shit and down I fall

Rise, rise but my bed’s so nice
Come daylight you cannot think twice
Out in the street there’s the heavy beats
And a chance to make my life feel right

Did they laugh at what you stood to say
Now that breathing comes the hard way
Keep your headphones on
Sing your favorite song
Let it carry you
It won’t take long

From the left to the right
With no compromise in site
Begs for common sense
The bill is on the fence
While the reps all say goodnight

Because the proof rolls across the street
The Bush’s plan cannot be beat
There’s a battleship
Going to set adrift
So the gas I pump stays cheap

So much emphasis on odometer readings
Get together say what you’re feeling
When thoughts collide, put it in the mix
You better get in line, better get your fix

From the look of your big brown eyes
I know that everything’s going to be alright
So let’s shift gears
From our hopes and fears
I said whacha doin’ tonight

Oh my goodness, did you know?
The time gets stranger as you grow old
Oh my goodness, look out below (the market shows)
My brain’s in danger of overload (My brain’s shares are being bought and sold)

The TV stations where all they show are
Manipulations of lies that grow
From these lies is all we know
But not music, music

Cause the CD on my stereo
As I press play tells me where to go
Is it up and down is it side to side
Are you feeling me when our thoughts collide

The record spins and my thoughts begin
I can make it stop and push it back again
With my tracks in line bout to get my fix
When these thoughts collide I put it in the mix

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