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Face To Face Lyrics
Comes a time when we say
It's been too long and we can't stay
In this world in this way
What comes next can't be like today

Tell me where the homeless sleep
Where do they sit down to eat

On the screen there's TV shows
Cause anorexia sells clothes
You'd think CEOs would know
Money cannot feed their souls

How long must the people wait
Time is running much too late

To justify all our lies
Open eyes could set things right
Look around, what is found?
Nothing's changed and whose to blame for it all

When everything's failed
And time's not for sale
What comes after the fall
Who tells the tale?

Life's as much as it seems
But nothing's really what it means
And nothing can explain these dreams
Lest we speak of broken beams

When they're gone its only sound
Of cries buried beneath the ground

Sometimes love is all we know
It takes some time to let it grow
The people come the people go
Did it take this to let love show?

Raise your fist and you may taste
That which brings us face to face

You could say it's a waste
Raise your fist and you may taste
That which brings a saving grace
That which brings us face to face

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