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Another Day Lyrics
On the sidewalk I'm rolling to places
Uninviting, the looks on the faces
Sir, do you have the time?
In the city I'm sighing at buildings
Such a fine mess inside where they pull strings
You rise up to stand in line

It seems we've found a way
To stick around and waste our days
And all the while the hours slip away
And there it goes, just another day

In the morning I'm staring at gray skies
There's a baby who slept while her mom cried
It's such a small mouth to feed
Why don't she have nothing to eat?

In the evening I'm dreaming of nations
Done with financing military stations
One word could fill those needs
It's called peace

There it goes, just another day
One more day
There it goes, just another day
One more day
One more day that we could change
One more day
One more day to rearrange
But there it goes, just another day

We want to win
But these streets were paved with the blood of our sins
The business man grins, looks around
He sees buildings all around now (on the ground now)
And a hand outstretched for change
And though it may soon start to rain
There is still a face that asks me to try
While the baby cries, the mother simply sighs
If change is on its way, what's the problem with today?

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