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4 And 1 Lyrics
Wait for a while
Make sure your outfits stay in style
You'll know its time
To lay down your cards in front of mine
He's living free
From your responsibility
So sing to your soul
The one thing you can do to not grow old
We won't grow old

Once again we meet
I thought we'd never even speak
Tease just as you please
It comes around and you shall see
Why waste your time
Life's much too short to be so blind
And I sure thought we would
Now you're the reason change sounds good

I feel fine
Can't you see now
Could I get a little lovin' for me?
You, just let it be
Your life is fine and you shall see

While we're young
To have some fun
We've got to try and do our best
When we walk away from one thing
We're just moving toward the next
While we're young
Just like the sun
We're 'sposed to rise above the rest
When I walk away from this thing
I'll be sure to dress my best

See you when I do
We'll have a smoke when it's all through
Stay for a while
I'll tell a joke and see you smile
Why waste your time
Go in the world and free your mind
And I just thought we could
Come home and tell me that you would

Now it has been a while
And it seems my jokes don't make you smile
Why should I waste time?
Your taste in me seems so sublime
Buses, planes, and taxi cabs
I arrive and you seem sad
Nothing left to do
But drink our fill on the bayou

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