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Fate Vobis Lyrics
"California Dreaming, are you living today!?"
or better "made in California"
Now I wanna tell you about my situation and fu*k the O.C. Dream,
Poser Bands change your plans
Why in your lyrics you illustrate these lands, maybe you've never been!?
If I scream on the main street my last travel on the planet atmosphere
Explain your choice, and learn from fathers
I love my descent a lot... Piadena e parsciott
My English is not a pose (my Engl. sucks) but a need
'cause I wanna teach my foods to all tha European friends...
so how long is this interview, I would take a break and eat some chips..
Tortilla Chips
Give me the way to ask you about this
I know that I can't satisfy you try again please
Do you believe 'bout these f*ckin' words, or I'm a label victim toy!?
An Interview to publish wrong, 'cause I don't pay your magazine at all
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