Goatrapture Lyrics by Acrimonious

Acrimonious Lyrics

Goatrapture Lyrics
The sign of the horned, an ancient oath unbound, the unborn speak with fury, countless, ravenous, yearning for disease.
Primordial and primitive furious, black hearts from a mighty kingdom, reign in war and blasphemy, trumpets of evil possession.
Calling forth the powers of the Serpent god, unleashing legions powerful, chained whores of heaven given pain from sodomy, doom has spread in dark command.
Chalice hot from battle's rape, bestial warfare inner hate.
Blessed by Him, the offsprings of an alien race, conquering the gates of heaven, enthroning evil forming pain.
Vengeance's complete as a pest upon humanity, demonic yelling cries of raptures, violent vortex brings you silent.
Archangel of darkness, redeemer of our blood, proclaim the fall of man by nightwinged visions.

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