Enmity Lyrics by Acid Android

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Enmity Lyrics
A four sided room
a simple room
a little space
that's limited
a four sided room
a shitty room
a space with limits

Everyday each everyday
fingers move
prohibited to stop or to rest
in loop can't stop what i'm doing

break all
f*ck them all

So what i eat
it's just all junk
my body aches
from all junk food
starting to rot
my body's gone
i'm here to rot
just just to rot

Falling down to the deep end
there's no escape
even though i run it's so useless
i see that you the one with no face

Can't stop...can't stop...can't stop...
no you can't
have no...have no...
you have no right no
break all burn all
break free from all go

f*ck them all
i said f*ck them all
f*ck them all
pen and compass's all i got

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