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Picture Phone 4play Lyrics
Ahaha damn. she send me some shit like this
Yo kc, come check this out homie
Shiiit, ahaha you ain't never get a pic like this I bet huh

Baby girl sendin' freaky pictures to my phone, to my phone, to my phone
Talkin' bout what she gon do to me when I get home, I get home, I get home
I'm already ready by the time I get there,
Want my body on her body or my hands in her hair,
She bbm'in pictures with her legs in the air,
Take a photo (click, click) press send yeah,
Picure phone 4 play [x8]
Baby girl sendin freaky pictures to my phone, to my phone, to my phone

[Ace Hood:]
Ok, my bbm is beepin
Bet that be my lady
Love it when she sending me them pictures half naked
Got a tattoo on the back & one below the navel
I wish that I could ummmm... baby you fatal

She said daddy you so nasty
But you know I love that
Wanna give me head doe
You can be my skull cap
Gain a little weight but I just know she keep that ass phat
Wait till I get there & I'm a beat it like I'm mad at it
Video bounce that send me that asap
Rotfl if you could see my face expression
Hello with the 4 play
Make me wanna board plane
Show up at ya door way
You become a gourmet
Hold up... I think I got a message
Bbm expected kc give me just a second cause
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