Letter To My Ex's Lyrics by Ace Hood

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Letter To My Ex's Lyrics
Women like me for this one
You got my [?] anyway

Mister hood

Dear misses independent [?]
Looking for you like my life time depending on
You were cynic [?] every woman is in the gold
To me ain't new as money long
Haters to let it to my ex [?] before I start kiss my ex [?]
Ok let's talk about the gold digger
Man [?] shoot go figure but she was bad in the mood flicker
See the looking got a number
So make a long story [?] couple days I'm sleeping beating [?]
Fell in love with [?] and every moe
For the first louie bag she was so [?]
Never scalp but she let it watch [?]
Bought everything she had if I could recall
So couple [?] I gotta move it in
They show me money got me out of town
Ain't got a trick when I'm not around
She was [?] tryin playin [?] bounce
See the pictures of her because I hate the [?]
[?] trickin off the town
And I was too blind to see her sooner
Notice she was kind of [?] she likes old [?]
Took a [?] in old [?] damn the shooter really seen her face [?]
She oficially on my [?]
She pulled up some [?]
I'm talking bags in the french trip
And that words to my [?] six
See you ain't nothing but a [?] I'm talking [?] just to ashes.

And here's a letter to my ex's
You ain't' nothing but a [?] spin
Oh was only have you when the cash in
You try to play me like a beam
But I ain't trippin 'cause you [?]
Oh I ain't go bigger than [?]
Man I'm so damn you're the [?]
I used to love you with the passion
Sincerely yours.

Oh, dear misses independent
Still searching like my life time depended on
You were [?] woman is in the gold
To me [?] is money long
If you ain't got it you can carry on
I'm talking like the loiue bag holds
No matter swag or you new [?]
I swear my last was a bee like my [?]
I thought we'd really last long
We wore the once to put the money on
Damn ain't no begging in fairytale
I'm talkin make believe love caught [?]
But that's until I started buy things
It was cool now she started wearing rings
Such a drama queen [?]
Corrupted by a life she could only see the green
Only [?] I can be by any means let her tell we were something [?]
Damn, had a cut it she was out of order
Try to pull me on blast like a [?] on boarder
I call the mama tryin to transport her,
Did you thought I [?] yeah kind, sort of
She was mad so she fall [?] order
Just to come and get a bag fill the trash off
Swore to cops many [?] many cast out
Hey but I ain't moving back in
Oh my mama prag [?] twins
That's a whole lot of [?]
I guess the story really never ends
Well here's the letter to my ex [?]
I swear she used to be my best friend
Now she's a memory from back [?]
I know she probably miss [?]
Big [?] in the [?] play
She the last of my ex miss [?] stress

Somebody tell me what's love
What's your definition of love?
Is love buying one another different gifts
Hold up [?] depending on the price tag
Is that love?
I mean [?] somebody genuine I'm feeling like [?] love
It don't' give a damn on me anyway
Maybe relationships [?]
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