H.A.M. (Freestyle) Lyrics by Ace Hood

Ace Hood Lyrics

H.A.M. (Freestyle) Lyrics
Big bank in my pocket
Naw nigga you trippin
Ace been off that bullshit
Like Michael Jordan and Pippen
I be riding round with bout 50
Moving and Whippin in that Bentley
Soak your mind like Yo Samity
Get more money my remedy
Lookin at a real nigga with big dough
Neck lookin like that disco
Swag unidentified Joe Doe
Doing this shit with my eyes closed
But I don't like that babababa brain cold
Hots and I'm dippin in that light slow
Talkin bout paper nigga 10 4
Moving and I'm chillin with them bad hoes
Shitting on them niggas like a asshole
Beating up the beat like car pull
Yessir Messir
My pussy ask her
Hit it then I send it back home to you
Getting to stepping Kappa
9 to 5 with my top gone
Nickname Casper
So what the f*ck ya'll mad at me for
Sippin and I'm chillin with a deep throat
Thick bitch trench coat
Had to reintroduce her to the strepthroat
No hands straight jaws
Golf balls
Let go
Got theses niggas out here petro
5 when I slide in the place hoe
Any nigga beat beat death row
Flip the marder that debt flow
Why the f*ck ya'll hatin on me for
F*ck you niggas I'm beast mode
F*ck you niggas who sleep holmes
Hard as a motherf*cker can go
Kiss my ass besos
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