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Ablaze My Sorrow Lyrics

From the Album The Suicide Note (2009) (buy at
The Suicide Note
The Illusion
By My Own Hands

From the Album Hate, Anger & Fury (2002) (buy at
Hate, Anger & Fury
Erased / Relived
Where The Strong Live Forever
Machine Supreme
Retention Of Illusion
Thou Shalt Forever Suffer
Shrouded Are The Pleasures Of Flesh
Slit Wide Open
Ad Libitium

From the Album The Plague (1998) (buy at
The Plague
The Truth Is Sold
Into The Land Of Dreams
Mournful Serenade
The Return Of The Mighty Raven
I Will Be Your God
Plague Of Mine
As The Dove Falls Torn Apart

From the Album If Emotions Still Burn (1996) (buy at
If Emotions Still Burn
If Emotions Still Burn
The Rain That Falls
Rise Above The Storming Sea
Denial (The Way Of The Strong)
The Battle
My Last Journey
As I Face The Eternity
My Revenge To Come


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