The Lime Tree Lyrics by A Billion Ernies

A Billion Ernies Lyrics

The Lime Tree Lyrics
Ring around my soul pocket full of pain posies my search for freedom continues but to no avail the sloth breathes it not I he sits atop a tree with his crown and scepter surveying his domain his glorious terrible domain who am I you ask Martha Stewart in her car minding her own business a ferret jumps on her face tearing at her flesh not able to see the road she crashes into a lime tree I am that lime tree show me a sloth I'll show you a log where am I in the river of strife as are we all floating on a log struggling to breathe the air of truth get
off the log get on the jet ski and ride it to light speed captain freedom you want to know the truth dig deep deeper you hit the water pipe and truth sprays out

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