Fetal Feces Lyrics by Abductors

Abductors Lyrics

Fetal Feces Lyrics
From the Album: Necroterrestrial

Fetal Feces
Fetal Proportions Examined On A Daily Basis
Superiority Separated In Favor Of The Casts
A Society Of Perfects Only The Best
Fatal Injections Would Weed Out The Rest

History’S Destroyed, And The Truth Is Full Of Lies
Emotions Suppressed, Unique Only In A Guise
The Delusion Is Optical, But Can’T Be Seen
Throw Away This Pill At The Chance To Be Set Free

Distraught Rule Born Into Corrupt Submission
Ceased Chronicles Have Turned To False Pretensions
Seasons Forgotten, Numb Expressions In A Face
Destroyed Morals Of The Entire Human Race

Destinies Ruined, The Point Of Life You Dread
Complications Hold Back Stories Of The Dead
Individuals Come Forward Questioning This Beast
The Punishment Comes And We All End Up Deceased

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