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Abductors Lyrics

Defect Production Lyrics
From the Album: Necroterrestrial

Defect Production
Human Voids And Destructing Droids Have Taken To This Day
Machine Produced And Death Induced, Oil Is The Key
Human Species Have Turned To Feces, And Now We Must Obey
The Defect In Your Brain, It Caused It, And They Are Killing Me

As It All Became Apparent To Me,
The Blueprints Of Humanity,
A God Was Left For The Blinded To See,
Escape Not, The Self Destruct Theory

The Search For Meaning, Curious Being, In His Destiny
Evolving Further Machines Begin To Fix Themselves
Disobedience And Growing Intelligence Help Them On Their Way
The Process Of Evolution, It’S Happened Once Again

Destroy Humanity

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