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Abductors Lyrics

Chameleon Lyrics
From the Album: Necroterrestrial

The Infamous Abductions And Teenage Casualties
I’M The One Responsible For All These Dirty Deeds
I’Ll Crawl Across Your Visions, And Creep Into Your Mind
You Won’T Notice Me Till’ It’S Time To Die

And When You Think You Know My Name
It’S Time For Me To Change Again
And While You’Re Wasting All Your Time
Another Young Victim Is Dying
All Your Darkest Hidden Fears
Have Come Back After All The Years
I’Ll Take The Image Of Anyone
I Can’T Be Seen…Chameleon

Your Reoccurring Dream, Your Gasp Before You Scream
At First You Won’T Notice Me, But Then You’Ll Start To See
The Shadow In The Alley, Or Your Neighbors Best Friend
You’Ll Try To Capture Me, But I’Ll Just Change Again

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