Undastatement Lyrics by 2 Chainz

2 Chainz Lyrics

Undastatement Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
They say I run the streets
I tell 'em no wonder
The cheapest thang I got on is my belt and it's 400
Real recognize real and you don't look familiar
If my girl worked at a spa, man she still wouldn't feel ya
Cocaine flow, they done dropped me in the pot
I came out hard and I sold out the block
Tity 2 Chainz, I been killin' hairdos
So many dates on my calendar it looks tattooed
Got my mind on my moolah
My Tech 9 got a cooler
They scratching they medullah
They like how the f*ck you do ya
Don't make me number 2 ya
Okay, I need some Charmin
I got swag for sale and I'm giving niggas bargains
Rappers are my target
My flow so retarded
Need a handicap sticker for my 16s when I park 'em
When she in the front I make her put in reverse
And if that pussy good then I'll put it in a verse
And I'm killing these niggas, Put 'em in the dirt
And yeah, I'm killing pussy we should do it in a hearse
I woke up this morning, said I'm a get it
Turned right over and I gave that bitch the business
Hopped out the king size
My friends are green guys
Suit on, it look like I done sold bean pies
Qui-Qui-Quiet storm
I flick my lighter on
2 blunts together like an extension cord

[Hook: x2]
Oh yeah we gettin' to the money (Understatement)
I know you heard my trap bunkin' (Understatement)
All my bitches bad (That's a understatement)
My car is going really fast (That's a understatement)

[Verse 2:]
You need a standing ovation
If you stand in my location
Every nigga round here done been shot or on probation
It's the life we chose, guns and hoes
Guns and roses, niggas know that rock don't roll
Grab the spray, Drop the phone, Cop the O
Niggas know my flow is Mop 'N Glo
You know where I be on
I be on the styrofoam
Chicka-Chi 1, 2 like it was a microphone
Your girl's like a drive thru, I want a combo
And she's so wet I need a towel, pronto
2 Chainz, A.K.A. condo
Cause that's how much these chains cost if you don't know

[Hook x2]
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