Part 2 Lyrics by 2 Chainz

2 Chainz Lyrics

Part 2 Lyrics
Me and my niggas are about to f*ck the city up
I dropped 20 bands early just to get the Bentley Truck
We walked in the blue flame, there was like 10 of us
They were calling my name, they were like: "Tity Boi"
We were trying to lay low like we had something on us
And me and Cap-1 looked like we got 10 on us
We don't have to rent no bus, we don't have to rent no [?]
I know bands was slowing down but nothing is picking up
You ain't whip a brick enough, your old girl ain't thick enough
And if you ain't got a mil in cash, you ain't rich enough
All these niggas switching up, all these niggas bitching up
Even if they was drowning, they know not to reaching us
Trying to make a speaker bus, riding in a diesel truck
Teachers tried to preaching us but they wasn't deep enough
Only thing you had for dinner was a blunt and piece of that
Only thing you had for dessert was a f*cking Reese's [?]
See, I'm the dean of The Real U
My girl working at the spot said she don't feel you
I wanna f*ck her and I want her too
I need pussy rehab, nigga what about you?
Pussy rehab? Pussy rehab! [x2]
This is part 2 and I can't go no further
Until Gucci come home and put a verse up in this motherf*cker
I'm out!
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