Foreign Lyrics by 2 Chainz

2 Chainz Lyrics

Foreign Lyrics
[Hook - 2 Chainz:]
Swipping and swapping the foreigns [x2]
You niggas cannot ignore it
I'm swippin' and swappin' the foreigns
Swipping and swapping the foreigns [x4]

[Verse - 2 Chainz:]
I'm swipping and swapping the foreigns
Might go to church in some Jordans
I might go buy me a chopper
Then I'mma buy me a lawyer
I got a check from the barn
I got a neck full of bone
I got a neck full of Bentley
Maserati on my arm
I get that bread in the morning
Somebody pass the croissants
Somebody pass me a lighter
Somebody pass me a joint
I'm using my rap for intimidation
Using my gat for a demonstration
If my car ever got impounded
It would be locked up for illegal immigration
That's a small thing to a Godzilla
Got me more bars than a bartender
I met a car dealer, my car came with wine
And yours came with some malt liquor
Swipping and swapping the pack suit
I wish I had me some ack
The bitch that I'm with is foreign
On our first day I had took her to sex


[Verse 2 - Skooly:]
Swipping and swapping the foreigns
Balenciaga performer
I think it's time for war
I might go battle in my armor
And if I kill you, it's karma
I will not tolerate shit
The youngin be thugging his own [?]
Advise you not to get hit
I do this shit for my momma
I been in this shit since pajamas
These niggas don't mean me no harm
You come any closer you're gonna need arms
I promise, because niggas ain't seeing me really
I ride the choppa to Denis
And they say the choppa be kissing
Don't play, you'll be left with the hickies
I beat up the bully
Hopped in the bed with a witch
Switch up on all of you niggas
My bitch is foreign
She always touring, she bored
Might have to switch up the foreign on bitches
F*cking with Chainz
Might gonna see me on tour-ling, nigga
He put them forgies on everythang
Even the spinner, goddamn!

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